Money Laundering – The Next Banking Scandal ?

Square Mile Magazine  –  April 2011

Once a year, in nearly every major City firm, an unspeakably horrible punishment is meted out by sadistic bosses to their stressed-out employees. All City workers dread this annual torture but they have no choice but to endure it if they are to remain working in the finance industry. When I was a stockbroker I looked into whether it constituted ‘cruel and unusual punishment’ but found the European Union’s legislation on this matter to be woefully inadequate.  Continue reading

The Investment Banking Zoo  –  April 2011

The average investment bank contains a plethora of weird and wonderful creatures. To the untrained eye they’re all just suited blokes marching around purposefully carrying FTs but closer examination reveals quite distinct beasts with their own peculiar habits and beliefs. Anyone becoming a banker needs to get to know these brutes’ foibles if they are to successfully climb the greasy pole.  Continue reading

How The City Gains From Others’ Pain

The Evening Standard  –  8 April 2011

It was over cheese and biscuits that the conversation took an unexpected turn. Up until then my three ex-clients and I had been chatting about the usual things that four men who hadn’t seen each other for several months would discuss: holidays, their snotty-nosed offspring and various recent British sporting failures. Continue reading