Cityboy: 50 Ways To Survive The Crunch

50WAYSBuying this book will be the best £5.99 you have ever spent (that is, if circumstances haven’t forced you to steal it). In fact, you have a moral duty to buy this book which is the solution to Britain’s economic woes. If you follow its guidance and show the world that we laugh in the face of adversity then we’ll drag ourselves right out of this recession.

This book will instruct you how to come to terms with your newly reduced financial circumstances without losing face. It will explain how to keep your job and your partner or, failing that, find new ones. It will show you how to save cash whilst giving everyone the impression that you’re actually living a more luxurious life than ever before. It will also explain how to convince friends and neighbours that forced cost-savings are actually cool, retro or ‘environmentally friendly.’

Cynics might say we’re dancing on the deck of the Titanic and, whilst that’s almost certainly true, what’s the alternative? In times of uncertainty people cry out for direction, so let’s give it to them by acting like millionaires until our very last penny. They’ll follow our lead and, before you can say ‘boom and bust’, we’ll be out of the woods. Smile and the world smiles with you, cry and you look like a right loser!

Geraint Anderson a.k.a Cityboy

Thoughts ?

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