Payback Time

Payback TimeIf you found The 39 Steps short of sex and drugs, Geraint Anderson, aka Cityboy, has kindly corrected John Buchan’s oversight … an affable romp.  Daily Telegraph

Anderson has turned thriller writer to wreak yet more revenge on avarice. Cool plotting, smart polemic.  The Mirror (5 stars)

City high-flyer Bridget, recently fired from her bank, is found dead outside her high-rise apartment. Her colleagues are shocked. Was it suicide prompted by her dismissal? Cityboy Steve Jones and his workmates decide to take revenge. Their ingenious plan brings the firm to its knees and causes turmoil in the money markets. But soon the gang are being targeted by the police and financial regulators. Is there a rat in their midst and, if so, who? Steve digs deeper and realises he could be on the trail of a murderer. Suddenly there’s a possibility that an even more brutal revenge is
being planned, and the payback is heading in his direction ….

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Thoughts ?

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