The Investment Banking Zoo  –  April 2011

The average investment bank contains a plethora of weird and wonderful creatures. To the untrained eye they’re all just suited blokes marching around purposefully carrying FTs but closer examination reveals quite distinct beasts with their own peculiar habits and beliefs. Anyone becoming a banker needs to get to know these brutes’ foibles if they are to successfully climb the greasy pole.  Continue reading

The Walking Dead  –  Feb 2011

The walking dead In the City a zero bonus means one thing and one thing only: you are no more, you have ceased to be, you are an ex-banker. A doughnut is your firm’s less than subtle way of telling you that you are surplus to requirements and that they hope you will have the good grace to simply crawl under a rock and die. Continue reading

Coke And The City  –  Nov 2009

A recent article in the FT stated that ‘cocaine use remains rife among City workers in spite of rising unemployment and lower wages.’ Well, an experience I had last week suggested they might be on to something though it appears the quality of what Cityboys are ingesting ain’t what it used to be …. Continue reading