How The City Gains From Others’ Pain

The Evening Standard  –  8 April 2011

It was over cheese and biscuits that the conversation took an unexpected turn. Up until then my three ex-clients and I had been chatting about the usual things that four men who hadn’t seen each other for several months would discuss: holidays, their snotty-nosed offspring and various recent British sporting failures. Continue reading

It’s Always Bonus Time For Bankers

The Evening Standard  –  25 Feb 2011

But I don’t understand why you lot get paid a bonus every year just for doing your job. That’s what the aggressive lady sitting next to me grumbled at a stultifying dinner party. After patiently explaining that I left the City three years ago I went on to try to justify the rationale for the banks’ bonus system. I failed dismally. Continue reading

Out Of Your Head – And Out Of A Job ? In A City Of Christmas Excess

The Evening Standard  –  13 Dec 2010

In the City, Christmas is the season to be jolly… hungover.

When I was a banker (1996-2008), hardly a day went by in December without some kind of debauched knees-up, and any stockbroker worth his salt would have a green and distended liver the size of Hartlepool come the holidays. Continue reading

Yes, It’s High Time For A Crackdown On Hedge Funds

The  Evening Standard  –  28 May 2010

Are hedge funds the root of all evil? There were certainly times during my 12-year City career when I believed so. Indeed, I begin a chapter of my book Cityboy by expressing the hope that “when the revolution comes… it’s those hedge fund boys who’ll be first up against the wall”. Continue reading