Mutaro School Fundraising Project

I first heard about this project from my good friend Sophie Barker (better known as lead singer for Zero 7). The project appealed to me because it seemed like an achievable goal that would have a visible result. “All” we needed to do was raise around £60-80,000 to rebuild a school in Kenya. The project appealed because I am also a big believer in the role of education in relieving the curse of poverty and because it seemed a better option than simply handing cash over to some faceless charity.

Sophie and I have visited the school and we were both extremely moved by what we saw. The school was ramshackle yet some of the kids would walk 3-4 hours a day just to receive an education.

Sophie and I have now began the process of raising the cash and if this project is a success, it may be the first of many such schools that we help build.

We can all make a difference and I hope my participation in this scheme helps Cityboys and ex-Cityboys alike to come to the same conclusion.

Click here to donate money to the Mutaro School in Kenya project.

Thoughts ?

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