Cityboy – The Movie

Film PosterFirst there was the anonymous newspaper column, then there was the book, next up is the film !  

Set in the City of London at the peak of the financial world’s unfettered madness, CITYBOY follows the descent of STEVE JONES from laid-back traveller to cash-flashing, coke-snorting capitalist.

STEVE is a young Welshman, just looking to make a fast buck so that he can return to India and live the back-packing dream. However, when his brother JOHN gets him a job at one of London’s most prestigious banks, Hambrys, STEVE enters a world of debauchery, drugs and disgustingly huge bonuses. Having made a bet of £100k with the unrelentingly smug HUGO BENTLEY that he will replace him as the top ranked City broker within four years, STEVE’s life spirals out of control. He leaves his family and friends behind as he gets sucked further into the unchecked lunacy of the Square Mile; making crooked deals to get ahead and developing a penchant for prostitutes as well as a vicious cocaine habit along the way.

With the help of an imaginary shaman and the friends he thought he’d lost for good, STEVE escapes the regulators, the police and his psychopathic boss just as the bubble he’s helped inflate bursts in spectacular fashion.

We are in the process of raising finance for this film.  By utilising the EIS scheme the lion’s share of each investment can be offset against any tax liability.  Click here for further information.

Thoughts ?

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